Thursday, May 03, 2007

iPod Madness

A while back ago Allie had a post I've been wanting to copy for a while, but haven't had the time to actually do it. Until now that is. Questions about your life and future? Want to know the answers? No problem. Just locate your iPod and use the songs that come up at random to receive fool proof answers. Here's the verdict on my life:

1) What should I do with the rest of my life?

Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
There is a young cowboy he lives on the range
His horse and his cattle are his only companions
He works in the saddle and he sleeps in the canyons
Waiting for summer, his pastures to change

Ha! Clearly I need to start looking into getting some cattle. And now google telling me to milk the cows makes way more sense.

2) What kind of person do others think I am?

Rains in Asia - Jump Little Children
She wants to know does everyone feel this way
When it rains in the summertime
She wants to know does everyone feel this way
When you're sure that he's gone forever

3) What kind of person am I really?

Daughter - Vienna Teng
Well it's time to be wise
Wise in the ways of the heart
To come out from under the covers
This voluntary state of apart
From the faces, oasis
In this Sahara of sorrow
These graces that hold me
It's from you that I borrowed

Woah, scary how accurate this one is.

4) What's my love life looking like for over the summer?

Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkel
Cecilia, youre breaking my heart
Youre shaking my confidence daily
Oh, cecilia, Im down on my knees
Im begging you please to come home
Come on home

Uh, hopefully I get to play the part of Cecilia and not the lover on his knees begging.

5) What's the outlook on the rest of my life?

Answer - Sarah McLachlan
I will be the answer
At the end of the line
I will be there for you
While you take the time
In the burning of uncertainty
I will be your solid ground
I will hold the balance
If you can't look down

Hope so.

6) Do I have a secret admirer?

Something's Missing - John Mayer
Something's missing
And I don't know how to fix it
Something's missing
And I don't know what it is
No I don't know what it is

Ouch. Outlook not good.

7) How can I make myself happy?

Flake - Jack Johnson
The harder that you try baby, the further you'll fall
Even with all the money in the whole wide world


8) What should be my theme song?

Change Your Mind - The Killers
Racey days
Help me through the hopeless haze
But my oh my
Tragic eyesI can't even recognise myself behind
So if the answer is no
Can I change your mind

Sweet! Time to pull out persuasive JenKnee!

9) What sort of men should I date?

Father Figure - George Michael
I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
Till the end of time


10) How's the rest of my day going to be?

New Shoes - Paolo Nutini
Hey, I put some new shoes on,
And suddenly everything is right,
I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling,
It so inviting,
Oh, short on money,
But long on time,
Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine,
And i'm running late,
And i dont need an excuse,
'cause i'm wearing my brand new shoes.

Better go get my new Pumas :)

11) Any final advice?

Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie
It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming let me out!
Tomorrow takes me higher
Pressure on people
People on streets

I'm not really sure what the cosmos are trying to tell me with this...


SpyderWeiss said...

My only issue with this is that when you have a 60GB ipod, you really can get ANYTHING as your answer, maybe a song you even forgot that you put on your ipod. Interesting idea though, I'll give it a try...

heidikins said...

You have new Puma's? (pout) jealousy!!


(Yes, I have fixated on the shoe-related song... I have no excuses.)

ellesappelle said...

:D I love the father figure one. That was hilarious.