Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yummy Cheesecake Pumpkin Pie

I've started to experiment w/ fall pies. My first trial: Cream Cheese - Pumpkin Pie. It's just the lighting that makes it look so pale, it was really quite orange and the crust was not blue (thank goodness!).

Next on the list: Pear Pie

Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Know You Think My Sister's Hot

Here's why my sister is the coolest. She's 15, which is usually the end of that awkward period we all go through, but she happens to be very self-assured. She's normally a very pretty girl:

But she has a special hobby of taking horrible self-portraits of herself and then sending them to all who know her with captions like: you know i'm hot, wanna piece of this, and hey baby let's get together sometime. Here's a few of my favorites:

Apparently, the other day she got a phone call from a 40 year old man asking her to stop sending him pic messages. She, of course, told him that she wasn't sending him messages. After talking for a bit, they figured out that she thought she was sending messages to her friend Chloe, but that she had really been sending them to a random guy old enough to be her father. He did mention that he thought they were entertaining, he just didn't want to be paying for them.

Monday, October 22, 2007


My teeth are chattering so much that I'm sure you all can here me wherever you may be at the moment. There is snow on the ground and it's 26 degrees outside!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stanley Reservoir

On Monday, a friend and I hiked to Stanley Reservoir from the Air Force Academy. It was a beautiful hike on a perfect day. We had originally gone up to look at leaves, but it turned out that the aspens at the top had already lost all their leaves. Still, it offered some gorgeous views and a pretty lake at the top.

One of the views midway (The building you can see is the Air Force Academy):

One of the dogs we brought along, frolicking in the water:

The dogs we brought with us trying to beat each other up:

Aren't they cute? They're the same breed as my dog in MN, so they keep me from missing him too much :)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fictional Characters I Would Totally Make Out With

I found this list on Beck's blog and couldn't help stealing it even though we share a few favorites.

Ten Literary Characters I Would Totally Make Out With If I Were Single... Oh wait, I am:

1) Mr. Darcy - If Mr. Darcy wanted to make out with you, how could you possibly say no?

2) Logan - A throwback to my Babysitter's Club years. I was always so jealous of Mary Ann with her incredibly dreamy, southern boyfriend.

3) Laurie - Oh Laurie, if I had been in Jo's shoes I wouldn't have broken your heart.

4) Don Pedro - I've always found the Prince from Much Ado About Nothing mysteriously charming. Beatrice and Benedick make one of the best literary couples of all time, but you can't help feeling a little sad when she turns down Don Pedro.

5) Wesley - Strapping farm boy, dread pirate, enormous rodent slaying skills, fabulous wit and bravery, and that beautiful blond hair. Ummm... yeah.

6) Serius Black - The bad boy with a big heart and a giant motorcycle. And lots of experience (or so I assume) :)

7) Colonel Brandon - Colonel Branden is so romantic. My favorite part in the movie is when he leans in close to Margaret after she asks what the Indies are like and he says "the air is full of spices" with his rich, melodious voice. (Alan Rickman, if you're reading this, email me and let me know if you've ever thought about moving to Colorado.)

8) Gilbert Blythe -Doesn't everyone want a Gilbert of their own?

9) Henry from The Time Traveler's Wife - He's so screwed up yet so wonderful at the same time.

10) Mr. Knightly - My all time favorite Jane Austen hero!

I tag anyone who's ever had a crush on a fictional character :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

When Flies Attack...

Ack! Leave fruit on your counter for a few days and what happens? Massive swarms of nasty fruit flies! All I ever wanted was ripe fruit! Is that too much to ask? I think not. Should have put them in the cupboard. But seeing as it's much too late for that now, I've resigned myself to battle. Sure, if I just get rid of everything they want to eat, they'll probably die off eventually, but I am NOT banking on it and I'm NOT resigned to living with them for the next week or so.

My most loathed pests list goes as follows:

1) Rodent & Cockroaches. *shudder*
2) All types of flies.
3) Centipedes
4) Any bug that can jump or run faster than I can smash it.

I can hardly handle dishes in my sink or things out of order in my kitchen, let alone nasty bugs representing all things filthy. So today I embarked on an internet quest for a weapon of mass destruction. I found a site that listed many home remedies: apple cider traps, peach schnapps traps, and even a simple concoction made from milk, sugar, and pepper that would supposedly tempt them into drinking and them suffocate the little buggers. I tried them all and apparently I have smart fruit flies with self-control. They'd rather starve than be trapped! Maybe they're on a diet.

So I'm now moving on to Phase 2 of my lethal attack: Hot Shot No-Pest Strip. Apparently it releases an odorless vapor that will knock any little flying insect dead. Let's see if they can survive this. Mwahahahaha.....

Update: After launching my unsympathetic attack last night, which ended up including Windex zapping, I'm proud to say that I won a clear victory.