Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bowler Seeking Help From The Blogosphere!

Don't think I've mentioned it before, but I've signed up for a summer bowling league. I've always wanted to be on one and I figured this summer was my chance. Last night was the first of twelve and my team is pretty much the coolest team ever! First there's Harry who is about 85, basically drops the ball onto the lane, and somehow still adds spin to it. Then there are the cousins (to each other, not to me), Donald and Paul. Donald is about 75, teaches bowling at a local high school, and felt at ease giving me sweet bowling tips. Paul is the youngest of the three (~55) and strikes me (ha! a pun and i didn't even mean it) as the silent, brooding type.

But I realized that I'm missing something extremely important to any good bowler. I need a name. JenKneeBee just doesn't cut it in bowling. I need a better one, which is why I've decided to open it up to the blogosphere. You all are much more creative than I am and will think of something brilliant. I have faith in you :)

So here's the deal:
*Leave your idea for a bowling name in the comments
*Post it by next Tuesday (May 29th)
*Winner will receive one rockin' awesome mix cd (any
theme of their choosing)


LEstes65 said...

Ok, first off, you HAVE to get one of the That Girl hair-dos that girl in your picture has. It's a must. After that, you'd have to call yourself something like That Girl or Bat Girl (she had a flippy hair-do like that, too) or Patty Duke or something. I have faith in our pals Trish, Sarakastic, and Stacy to come up with some very fun and witty names for you.

But get that hair do.

Wanda said...

Oh what fun...yes the hair!! Will try to get back to you with some name....That's a "thinker"

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure what you're looking for here, so I'll throw out a couple of ideas...

You could go the Nap D route - Lafawnduh

No offense to modular home folk or to people who were blessed with modular home folk names, but you could go the modular home folk names route - Starla, Darla, Valda, Jebediah etc.

You could go the beatles Penny Lane Bowling pun route -
Pinny or Laney or something like dis... or even Alley, might work... I'll be here all week??

Continuing with the pun route, you could stoop to - split happens

Alternatively, you could go the kingpin route - Munson

or the big lebowski route - the Dude

the hip-hop icon route - just make up a name like Amaru Shakur

or yeah, super-hero/cartoon names are always way s'coo 'bro -- Shera, Wonder Woman, Smurfette.

Or even play off of current bowling pro's names... instead of Parker Bohn III, you could go by plain old Parker, or Bohn the II to switch it up. Or depending on how scandalous you want to be, Bohner...

Probably not the best note to end on, but we must end none the less. I've got nothin'...

Diane said...

I love bowling, but I got nothing.

Hard to come up with a name with such a mix of folks.

Trish Ryan said...

I wish I could beat "Penny Lane," but I can't, at least not at this hour...I'll keep thinking, though.

Foxy Lady said...

Considering your recent accomplishment with your left hand...Left Lane...or L^, Louis Lane...but more punny. Okay, so really, I'm a big fan of Bubbles. I think that will go over well with the younguns on your team:)

Stacy said...

I have no more ideas than when I first read this blog entry last week. Good luck finding your name though!