Friday, May 04, 2007

Play MASH to Celebrate!

Hurrah for my 100th post! I'm officially not a newbie blogger now!

And what will I choose to blog about on such a momentous occasion? Something nerdy of course. Did you really expect otherwise?

So today I ended up following a bunch of children around at our local Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Scrabble Girl is a teacher, her kids were taking a field trip, and one of the chaperones dropped out at the last minute. So there I was trekking across the zoo listening to the conversations of sixth graders. Side note: I am incredibly glad that I will never have to go back to sixth grade. Fifth through seventh have got to be the most awkward stages of a person's life. Seriously. Anyway... The two girls in the group, who were incredibly hyper, kept going on about playing MASH on the bus.

Which made me think of the conversation I had with Scrabble Girl the other day about how MASH is still fun to play as an adult. What could possibly be better than a great round of MASH when you're incredibly bored? Absolutely nothing. Clearly. You know you love it. Which is why you should hop on over to the Play Mash website and play a quick round. Here are my results:

I will live in an Apartment, drive a Dark Green Audi, marry the Cabana Boy, have 5 kids, and be a mechanic in Kona, Hawaii.

I must say that considering all the crazy things I put as options, I made out pretty well. Cabana boys are always attractive and I'll be living in Hawaii. Rockin' awesome...


Stacy said...

I have never played MASH, but I agree with you on grades 5-7. Painfully awkward years. I might even argue that 8th grade is also torture.

Congrats on your 100th post!

ellesappelle said...

I loved that game. We used to have so much fun making up really bad possibilities. This time I did a mixture of good and bad, but somehow, I still got:

You will live in a Shack.
You will drive a Red Toyota Starlet.
You will marry Voldemort and have 20 kids.
You will be a Street sweeper in Chechnya.

Sarakastic said...

Congrats on your 100th post. I must now go enter Matt Damon as every option on mash because I'm a control freak.