Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Listen to These Guys!

Listen carefully. Actually I guess it should be read carefully. Whatever. I'm going to share with you all some of my favorite bands/musicians that aren't extremely well known... yet. Some of them may actually be getting a bit of airplay (finally), but since I don't really listen to the radio, I don't know for sure. Anyway, they're fantastic and you should check them out.

Paolo Nutini: I've been listening to his cd These Streets almost non-stop for the last month or so and it is fantastic. His voice is a bit rough (like David Gray's) and most of his songs are upbeat without being annoyingly so. His music and lyrics are really fresh and different from most of the stuff that's out there right now.
Favorite Tracks: Jenny Don't Be Hasty (my theme song?), Last Request, Alloway Grove

Brandi Carlile: The first time I heard her on KCRW I was skeptical. Very much so. She has a really interesting, different sounding voice that is not necessarily easy on the ears at first. Don't stop there! The second time through I really started to love her and the third time listened I was completely hooked. Back in June I was lucky enough to see her in concert where she was freaking amazing. Her performance ties with Billy Joel for the best artists I've seen live. Her second "real" cd is set to be released on April 3rd (happy late birthday to me!) and since I've heard most of the songs on it, I can say with confidence that it's going to be fantastic.
Favorite Tracks: Fall Apart Again, Someday Never Comes, Happy, Late Morning Lullaby, Shadow on the Wall

Ray Lamontagne: Love, love, love Ray. He's got this super grainy voice that he sings so softly and soulfully. He's got two cds out, Trouble and Till the Sun Turns Black, and they are both really fantastic in different ways. Trouble is more upbeat and heavier on the acoustic guitar while Till the Sun Turns Black is softer but has such beautiful melodies.
Favorite Tracks: Hold You in My Arms, Forever My Friend, How Come, Empty, Can I Stay

The Feeling: This is an honest to goodness pop group. Purely fun music with a good beat and catchy hooks. You can't help listening to them without ending up singing along. It took them forever to release their album Twelve Stops and Home in the US, but it was worth the wait.
Favorite Tracks: Never Be Lonely, Sewn, Fill My Little World

Amos Lee: Just telling you that he was under the same record label as Norah Jones tells you a great deal about his sound. His voice is smooth as butter and his songs are extremely soulful, sometimes jazzy, and in the case of his second cd, fairly bluesy. His cds Amos Lee and Supply and Demand are both worthy buys. I've also had the privilege of seeing him perform live and he was just as good or better than his cds.
Favorite Tracks: Arms of a Woman, Black River, Sympathize, Night Train, Long Line of Pain

I have more people I could talk lovingly about, but I think I'll stop there before you get too bored. Seriously though, check these guys out if you haven't already heard their stuff.


ellesappelle said...

I saw Pablo Nutini's video for Jenny on TV last night! So if he's got to NZ, he's obviously getting a bit more radio play.

Amos Lee sounds really good.

lizzie said...

thank you so much for the wounderful feeling cd.

i wanted to listin to it the whole way home. to bad jared like FLIPPED out.

hahah there was this one time when we were going to mcd's ofr breakfast and he wanted sausage egg and bacon
and when he opend it he couldnt see the bacon so he started like screaming and crying.

it was soo funny

lizzie foo said...

oh yea


"because i have a big head, and little arms!!!"