Monday, December 18, 2006

Some Random and Probably Incoherant Thoughts for the Day

Mwahahahaha.... I'm supposed to be taking a couple of my senior comps right now. But clearly I'm not. Because I'm a chicken liver and rescheduled them. Anyway, I'm kinda scatter-brained right now, so here are some random thoughts for ya.

1) I've decided that my life is fairly pathetic. And I'm drop-kicking it to the curb. I deserve better.

2) Heidi has the biggest collection of shoes I have ever seen. Being in her shoe closet (much more like a shoe room) is like being in a shoe store where all of the shoes are cute and come in my size.

3) Been thinking about the difference between the words appreciation and thankfulness. Technically the definitions are the same, but to me the connotations are different. Appreciation is much stronger. These are the people in my life that I appreciate the most: The Savior, my family, Matt, Ben, Sam, and my roommates.

4) Here are some recent photos. The first is Mal and I. The middle one is of Matt and Grant posing with Marshmallow Cream. The last is of Ben and I.

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heidikins said...

Thanks on the shoe shout-out. :o) You are welcome to browse anytime. Soup would be lovely - I'm officially home from work and back in bed... ahhh, so much better. xoxo