Sunday, December 03, 2006

Google Trends

Recently found out that google tracks the searches made according to region and city and has made this information available to us all at

Did some investigating and found out that Salt Lake City and Minneapolis citizens are searching for some odd, surprising, and not-so-surprising things.

Searching for Snow:
1) Salt Lake City
2) Denver
3) Boston
4) Minneapolis
5) Melbourne

Searching for Swimwear:
1) Salt Lake City
2) Brisbane, Australia
3) Sydney, Australia
4) Melbourne, Australia
5) St. Louis, Australia

Searching for Biking:
1) Denver
2) Salt Lake City
3) Vancouver
4) Auckland
5) Calgary

Searching for Pornography:
1) Delhi, India
2) New Delhi, India
3) Chennai, India
4) Salt Lake City
5) Mumbai, India

Searching for How to Make Meth:
1) Oklahoma City
2) Edmonton
3) Portland
4) Minneapolis
5) Los Angeles

Searching for How to Make Bombs:
1) New Plymouth, New Zealand
2) Aukland, New Zealand
3) Perth, Australia
4) Adelaide, Australia
5) Brisbane, Australia
Note: Both Salt Lake City and Seattle were the only American cities to make the top ten on this list

Searching for Wedding Rings:
1) Salt Lake City
2) Oklahoma City
3) Phoenix
4) Minneapolis
5) Portland

Searching for Dance Dance Revolution:
1) Salt Lake City
2) Orlando
3) Minneapolis
4) Chicago
5) St. Louis

Interesting results to say the least. I find the fact that good ol' SLC scored highest on both Wedding Rings and Dance Dance Revolution. And find it perplexing that people in New Zealand and Australia seem to care a lot about how to make bombs. Are there a lot of bombs that go off there? Interesing...


heidikins said...

Interesting!! I am a complete google-aholic; I google everyone and everything... some of those on your lists I would probably have guessed (snow, wedding rings) and some are downright frightening! Gotta love our fair city. ;o)

ellesappelle said...

:D That is so funny! (I'm a NZer) How entirely odd!

There are a lot of grown-up-on-farm or just plain stupid sort of boys in New Zealand that enjoy blowing things up in the backyard of a drunk evening. But I cannot remember a time when anyone actually blew up anything that mattered, or meant to hurt anyone. (Just trying to salvage my country's reputation here!)

JenKneeBee said...

Guess I won't strike New Zealand from my list of future places to visit :)

SpyderWeiss said...

Dance Dance Revolution makes sense to me. As a avid DDR fan, I know that Cobalt Flux, a Utah based company, makes the best DDR pads out there (also the most expensive, but man, do they hold together).

Also, you can't have the evil without the good, it wouldn't surprise me that the capital to the true church also houses some of the worst evils. Satan will try his hardest on those that are on the correct path.