Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Have Seen My Death

Yesterday I found out that I am going to die on Thursday. No I'm not planning on my plane crashing. Actually, my mother informed me that she and my dad were both working the night I fly into Minneapolis so my brother would be picking me up from the airport. So what's the big deal, you ask? My brother just got his driver's license a few weeks ago. Not only did he just get his license, but he failed the driver's test twice before he got it. Ack! So why don't I insist on driving home? Good question. I was planning on that until my mother informed me that he drives a stick shift. And as scary as it will be to have him drive, it will be much, much scarier for me to drive. We'd be more dead than we already are. If that's possible. So in preparation for my death, I would like to write out my will beforehand. Very morbid, I know. But just in case as it seems somewhat likely.

Jill - All math books including calculus, ordinary differential equation, partial differential equations. Also, all solution manuals to these books. The entirety of my religious book collection.
Lizbrith - Biochem book (Very pretty cover) and my car.
Sam - Both physics books and my physics lab manuals and all shoes with less than a two inch heel.
Ben - Organic chem book and solutions manual and all my original photographs.
Mal - Solid state book and bike.
Jane - Inorganic chem book and all Ute paraphernalia.
Heidi - Analytical chem book and any of my shoes with more than a two inch heel.
Coxy - Physical chemistry and History of Jazz book and accompanying jazz cds.
Lyndsi - Art history book and scarf collection.
Bawden - All computer programming books and all Elvis cds.

Think that pretty much covers it right there. Let me know if there are any disputes or other requests but please make sure to get them in before Thursday afternoon.


lizabrith said...

jennie i love to see that im getting your car
this way i dont need to pay for my own and i can reek havic right away when i get my licence.

honestly he's not THAT bad of a driver
he could be better for sure but this morning he drove me to seminary and its not that bad, however be prepared for the VERY smokey smell of his car:/

Andrea Jolene said...

What's Physical Chemistry?? Sounds "line my bird cage" like. ;) I accept your Jazz paraphernalia - and would like to submit a request for one item of Ute paraphernalia...that is all.

heidikins said...

Oooh! Shoes!! Thank you much for that! Although I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with an Analytical Chem book... I suppose it could be a nice addition to my collection. And if nothing else I can use it to prop up the end of the couch that is missing a leg. :o)

(Ahem, Miss Andrea? Physical Chemistry... sounds like something you need to read before your next date...seeing as how you announced your prude status to the entire blogosphere, we are now uniting to give you a little, uh, help.)

HotBawden said...

I feel good about it! Thanks Jenkneebee...Hope to see you again!!

janers said...

I LOVE it...and I am thinking that since I do not like Jazz there is no reason for me to trade with COX for my UTE parahenalia! Request denied...I'm keeping it!!! Don't have a clue what I will do with my InOrganinic Chem book...anyone want it? Its yours...

HOPEFULLY you will return to us in ONE or TWO peices...breathing perferably...GOOD LUCK and have a great trip!

janers said...

toche on the heidi to cox comment! ha learn some physical chemistry. can cox have that book even if you LIVE? PLEASE please please...she NEEDS it. ;)

SpyderWeiss said...

At first I wondered why I had been left off the list, then realized that other than and iPod and a camera (both of which I have), you really have no other technical gadgets that I would want left to me. But thanks for thinking of me, I'm sure you did. You did think of me, right Jennie?

JenKneeBee said...

Whew...I lived. Probably because I got a friend to pick me up instead of my little bro. Which ended up being a VERY good idea since the traffic at the airport was OUT OF CONTROL.

Andrea: If I end up dying on my way back to UT, I'll let you have my Red Red Red cd which is not exactly ute paraphernalia, but it is a cd full of red references (ie. "red red wine"). A most excellent cd.

Jane & Heidi: Think you might be on to something with giving her the book even though I am still alive. I'll have to think that over :)

Mike: Of course I thought of you, I just couldn't think of anything you'd want. You have an even larger music collection than I do and I have no gadgets you want. But tell you what, I'll give you my children's book collection. Not too large yet, but the one's I do have are high quality.