Monday, February 16, 2009

Jed Bartlet, You Are a Man of Mystery

I just took a quiz the New York Times has that tests your presidential health knowledge. I failed it (2/8) because apparently I know nothing about the health of past presidents and I'm pretty sure that wasn't really covered in my American history classes. Anyway, the question that really threw me was one that included a question about Jed Bartlet. And I was like, what the hell? Who is Jed Bartlet? How come I've never even heard about one of our presidents? I am so stupid! I thought I knew a decent amount about politics and the presidents (aside from their health apparently), but clearly I know nothing. There are forgettable presidents like Millard Fillmore and Chester Arthur but at least I've heard of them! And then I googled Jed Bartlet and saw that he was a TV president and I didn't feel so bad anymore.


SavetheFish said...

Five of eight, and I still missed the Jed Bartlet one.

Barrie said...

I might actually have been able to answer the Jed Bartlett question!

~Virginia~ said...

sadly, i know exactly who jed bartlett is. :) let bartlett be bartlett!

sorry. i love the west wing! :)