Friday, June 06, 2008

Deranged Kitty and a Cute Puppy

My little Baerli was being so cute this morning frolicking in the backyard with his beloved bone that I had to share some pics with all of you. I also was able to snap a picture of my somewhat deranged kitty. Have you ever seen that movie "Everything is Illuminated?" My cat is the feline version of the Ukrainians' family dog.

Ready to pounce on the closest bird or squirrel:

Protecting his treasured bone:

And last but not least, my deranged kitty:


Travis Erwin said...

That's one fine looking dog.

~Virginia~ said...

hey! nice to see you posting again! :) even if you ARE scaring me with pictures of the deranged kitty! :)

Barbara Martin said...

Very nice Burnese Mountain Dog; and the tabby cat is not that deranged...not a bad idea to show off one's fangs.