Monday, June 23, 2008

The Ballad of Sven the Svede

Last week, I dragged my sister and my sister dragged her friend "Emily" to the Swedish festival in Minneapolis. I didn't really do a whole lot of research so we didn't know what to expect, but in my opinion that's half the fun of going to events like these. We did know that there would be ample people-watching opportunities available since Minnesota has a large Swedish-American population.

At the entrance we found a Swedish flag:

And inside there was an exhibit of dresses. Not just any dresses, but ones that a QUEEN named Silvia had worn to the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ceremonies. We had no idea we were going to be treated to such a fantastic exhibit, but it was quite a pleasant surprise.

There were dresses clearly dating from the 70's like this paisley chiffon gown:

But other dresses were timeless and beautifully designed. The next two were my favorites and the photos don't come close to doing them justice. This green silk taffeta gown was stunning:

This white one was SPARKLY all over! If anything would make you feel royal it would be this dress. The bodice was pearl encrusted and the tulle skirt had little crystals sewn all over in between the layers. (I could probably get rid of the bow, but maybe I just don't like it because bows aren't really my thing). But seriously, I think we were all mesmerized by the sparkles. I've just decided that when I get married I want a wedding dress encrusted with pearls and crystals. I wonder how much that would cost...

When we stepped outside the Swedish museum, we were treated with the sight of honest to goodness Swedish people. His coat was so regal blowing in the wind that we decided to channel our paperazzi selves:

After we snapped a couple, he started to notice and stare at us a bit. I figured he wasn't used to American customs like stalking, so I made Lizzie and "Emily" go over and ask for a picture.

Apparently he was smitten by "Emily" because he came over and tried to chat with her.

I thought he said: "Do you want to hang out with some Swedish people?"

"Emily" thought he said: "Have you ever danced with a Swedish guy before?"

Apparently he really said: "Have you ever gone on a date with a Swedish guy?"

She shook her head no and in a heavily accented voice he asked for her number. Apparently this really freaked her out because she panicked and gave him a fake name (Emily) and her real number. Which made me laugh... a LOT. Who gives someone a fake name but a real number?

After he walked off to go fiddle or something, my sister and "Emily" commenced a long freak out session.

L- You just got hit on by a 30 year old!

Me- I'm pretty sure he was at most 22

E- Oh my gosh! What am I going to do if he calls? He's as old as my dad! Eww! Couldn't he tell I wasn't even 18? Why was he hitting on young girls?

L- Crap! When he calls and gets you voice message, he's going to know your name isn't Emily! You need to rerecord it so it says hi this is petticoat or something!

Me- (Laughing like crazy) Petticoat? Seriously?

E- Yeah! Or something like that! What am I going to do guys? Oh my gosh! He's probably following us right now! We need to go or he's going to stalk me! What if he finds out where I live?!

This continued for a while longer, with me laughing for most of it...


LEstes65 said...

That is hysTERical! And you know, looking at the pictures, I wouldn't have placed them that far in age. These days, you can't tell anyone's age!

That is just TOO funny!

heidikins said...

Gasp! Gorgeous dresses!! I would go to MN just to see those!

I love the Emily/Sven story...hilarious! Love it!


Travis Erwin said...

Funny story. Now the poor guy will be searching the world for the love of his life .. Emily. and he won't even have a glass slipper to go by.

Lara said...

Ha ha ha!! Thats hilarious!! You will have to keep us posted as to what happens if he calls her! :) I love the pictures, thanks for sharing!

Sarakastic said...

The stalkee becomes the stalker. I bet he's 24. I would get kicked out of the festival for trying on the pretty dresses

Incognito_one said...

First of all, I LOVE the green dress.

Second, "Emily" did seem to get things backwards, but I think this could still work out in her favor. If he hears that her voice message does not say Emily, then he might think he was given a fake number and never call again.

He was definitely a true Swede. They tend to be a bit more liberal with their dating practices on that side of the pond. He definitely looks older than 22 to me.

~Virginia~ said...

okay. i've totally found my wedding dress--that white one is fantastic! now i just need to work on getting engaged! :)

ellesappelle said...

I love the conversations you tell us!!

Oh, and that green dress? DI-VINE.

Lynz said...

that's way funny! only you and your paperazzi clan could do that. that would have been funny to watch too! but he's pretty dang cute Emily should hold on to that one for a few years. there is alot of people who have a big age gap. Hey are you coming out for you gma's party at the end of July? hope so cuz i miss ya!!