Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Scottsbluff, CarHenge, & Wall Drug

We headed out on Thursday and made it to Scottsbluff, Nebraska to spend the night with an old friend of one of my friends. I must say that Scottsbluff surely wins the award for stinkiest town ever. Not only do they have the usual farm smells, but they have a sugar plant which emits debilitating fumes. As soon as we came within the city limits we were all gasping for breath until we could make it safely inside.

Friday morning we set out early to find Car Henge. Which is a lovely place in the middle of western Nebraska where old cars have been painted grey and stacked upon each other to recreate "Stone Henge." This was honestly one of my favorite places we visited. It was so odd seeing these cars strewn out over an empty field in the middle of nowhere. Both of my friends who have actually been to the real Stone Henge thought it was cooler because you could actually go in the middle.

As we were heading up to the border of South Dakota we drove past this gem. We promptly turned around and stopped to take pictures. How could we resist? Hilarious...

If you have ever been anywhere near South Dakota, you will know that the roads are strewn with massive amounts of Wall Drug billboards. Hundreds of miles away. It's out of control. We decided that the entire state decided to band together to create as many tourists traps as possible. Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Sturgis, & the Mitchell Corn Palace to name just a few. But I digress. We stopped at Wall Drug, took some corny pictures, drank some of their free (but terrible tasting) water, and bought a buffalo chip frisbee (plastic).
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LEstes65 said...

Ok, that "rest stop" made me wonder how many people have actually used that toilet. HA!

Those old style billboards that announce things hundreds of miles away? I love those. I remember seeing them on trips from CT to TX as a kid. And as a kid, I'd get excited as we saw the next one..."Only 250 more miles!"..."Only 200 more miles!"...etc.

heidikins said...

Haha! Ok, Car Henge looks totally awesome! Fantastic!


Sarakastic said...

Sometimes, things are so funny that I can't think of a comment. Just saying "funny" doesn't seem right, even though this is in fact very funny.

Darby said...

I liked the car henge. It reminds me of "This Is Spinal Tap". Also, thanks for the tip about the CatEye. It's wonderful to see how fast you can go. A great purchase.

ellesappelle said...

A Stonehenge of gray cars? Well, why not?!