Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Devil in the form of Bronchitis

I hate bronchitis. It's not often that I resort to the use of the word hate, but it's official. I hate it. I started to get sick on June 10th and I thought I was finally over it this last weekend. My cough was hardly there and I didn't have a fever. So I resumed triathlon training yesterday and was up all night in coughing fits. Back to the vicodin. I wonder how bad it'd be if I tried to operate a bike while on vikadin. It's killing me to not work out. It cures my moodiness. Without it I'm a person you don't want to be around. Lame. Some of you must have had bronchitis before. How did you get over it?


Incognito_one said...

Try Mucinex or another form of expectorant. Very helpful for getting the gunk out of your lungs. Kind of a gross concept, but it speeds things up. I use it when I can kind of feel that heaviness in my lungs when I breathe in.

lizbrith said...

aww noooo!

my love you need to get better.


ok .
that should work.

LEstes65 said...

Oh my. I just got over that cough that wouldn't go away. I also have mild asthma on top of it so that's just tons of fun.

My only relief was my albuterol inhaler and LOTS of sleep. I thank God for my sister in law visiting because she's the only reason I got sleep.

Feel better!

heidikins said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry honey! I wish I had some kind of magic cure-all that would fix it! Unfortunately, I think you just have to wait it out.


Diane said...

I never had it. I remember my mother having it once and she was seriously ill.

Good luck. See your doctor promptly if you get worse.