Friday, June 01, 2007

Maywood's Sanctuary

As I was reading Newsweek today I came across this quote from Heather MacDonald:

"The city of Maywood in Los Angeles County declared itself a sanctuary zone for illegal aliens this year. Then it got rid of its drunk-driving checkpoints, because they were nabbing too many illegal aliens. Next, this 96 percent Latino city, almost half of whose adult population lacks a ninth-grade education, disbanded its police traffic division entirely, so that illegals wouldn't need to worry about having their cars towed for being unlicensed."

Seriously? Out of control. I'm not necessarily taking issue with Maywood offering "sanctuary," but how can they possibly change so many policies/laws to make so many unreasonable concessions?


LEstes65 said...

I'm going to form my own community where I can disband any organization that might require me to get out of bed or work.

That's insane. Honestly!

Stacy said...

While I agree that the actions of Maywood are crazy, who the heck wrote that? 96% of the population is Latino and almost half lack a ninth grade education? What's the focus here, Maywood's policies or the journalist's racist agenda? Finishing school is a luxury in many other countries.

My parents both grew up in rural Paraguay. The school in their town only went up to the ninth grade. Dad got his GED when he came to the States. My mom still has just a ninth grade education. Despite what this journalist might think about people who don't finish school, neither of my parents have ever caused a drunk driving accident or attempted to do away with the police department.

So, who wrote that and where can the Ukrainian Baptist Mafia find him or her?

Trish Ryan said...

Wow - Maywood must be an interesting place to live (and a slightly chaotic place to drive, I'd guess!)

I'm not sure the word "sanctuary" will apply if they keep suspending the laws that make American society function (because let's be honest, most of us drive close to the speed limit and obey other rules b/c we don't want to risk the punishment if we get caught). I'm not sure lawlessness has worked as a societal plan, ever.

And kudos to Stacy for pointing out that education and being a law-abiding citizen are not corrolated in the way the Newsweek author implied.