Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Salt Lake City Favorites

The Christmas lights on temple square have had me thinking about all the things I love in Salt Lake. Thought I'd actually make a list of my favorite things that I get to enjoy while living here. Here's my top ten in no particular order.

1) Everything outdoors. In the summer there's so many places to go biking, camping, hiking that it's out of control. In the winter (brrrrr...) there's always skiing.

2) Cocoa Cafe. 300 E. 900 S. One of my favorite places to go and do homework or read a book by their very toasty fireplace.

3) The downtown library. I could write an entire series of blogs on everything in the library that I love from the children's section to the overlook at the top of the building to the art gallery on the 4th floor.

4) Cathedral of the Madeleine. Gotta love those bells (You know you love them Ben).

5) Memory Grove/City Creek Canyon.

6) Temple Square. The tabernacle, the temple, and of course, the Christmas lights.

7) The waterfall up Big Cottenwood Canyon.

8) Abravanel Hall. Ummm...hello. The symphony. Need I say more?

9) The Gallery Stroll every 3rd Friday of the month.

10) The Farmers Market every weekend during the summer at Pioneer Park.


Ben said...

I have no love for that building or its bells... bah humbug!

JenKneeBee said...

Whatever, I think you're just putting on a front. You'll move away and keep yourself up at nights thinking about how much you miss the bells and wish you could hear them again :)

heidikins said...

A) LOVE the bells!
B) How is it possible I've lived in SLC for 5 years and never heard of the Cocoa Cafe?!?! That's it, I'm going to check it out immediately!!

JenKneeBee said...

You should definately check out Cocoa Cafe. It's also a great place to just hang out on a weekend with a few friends and break out the scrabble board or just talk too. Their hot chocolate is so thick that it's like drinking a melted high quality chocolate bar. Mmmmm....

JenKneeBee said...