Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm weak!

As graduation draws nearer and nearer I keep having thoughts about things I would like to do before December 15. I realized as I was studying last night that I have never once pulled an all-nighter while in college. Not ever. How is that even possible? I'm a major procrastinator and college is supposed to be full of late night/early morning studying. So I decided that I would try to pull one last night for my test this morning. How hard could it be? I know plenty of people who do them all the time. Not to mention it'd give me plenty of time to solidify the my knowledge of boron and group theory. It went swimmingly until about 3:30 when I sort of collapsed. I'm weak, it's true. I have no idea how people can go without sleep. I don't think it's physically possible for me. All I can say is it's a good thing I zonked out on my floor since I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to pull myself out of my warm bed at 7:00 this morning.

On a completely different note, I finally read "The Giver" by Lois Lowry yesterday. Most people end up reading it sometime in their growing up years, but somehow I missed it. It was an absolutely beautiful book. There were a few little things I didn't like in it, but I think it makes it onto my favorite books list. Even though it's technically a children's book, it has very deep themes running through it that can be enjoyed by any adult reader. Definately one of those stories that you can't stop thinking about after you read it.

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