Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Aversion to My Winter Coat

It was so cold this morning that I finally had to break down and dig my winter coat out from underneath my bed. Every year I try to put it off until I'm so cold that I'm completely numb and have no other choice. Like if I don't put on a coat it won't actually be winter. I realize this is completely illogical. But it makes me feel better. And colder I suppose.

Anyway, I pulled out my coat and threw on one of my favorite scarves (knitted crimson red with tassles) before I headed out the door to my classes. As I was walking to my car I thrust my hands into my pockets to combat the cold and to my surprise there was stuff left in my pockets from last year. I pulled the goods out to examine them and found two very pleasant surprises. The first was a very wrinkled dollar bill (love finding money!) and the second was a folded paper towel. Written on the top of the paper towel were three question marks and on the inside was written "A love note." It was an old note left in my pocket by Marie last year when I was having a hard day.

I love finding good stuff in my pockets when winter starts! Maybe next year I won't put off pulling my winter coat out for so long...

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