Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Ack! So I got to class today and realized, oh wait, everyone is silent and bent over working. we have a test? Oh yes! We had a test! Why is that I've been such a space cadet lately? Hello! Who forgets things like tests? Apparently I do. Sheesh.

I went and bought Eric Clapton unplugged today. I think I will soon be in full Eric Clapton obsession. It's kind of weird how since my parents raised me strictly on things like classical music and marty williams, I now get to go back and discover music that everyone else has been listening to for ages. Not that I didn't know the most popular Clapton songs, I just didn't fully realize how fantastic it all is. A year ago this same thing happened with James Taylor. And now I'm a full fledged James Taylor addict.

On a completely different topic... I have recently been rereading Jane Austen's novels and the question my girlfriends and I have been discussing is this: If you had to pick any of the male characters (not just the lead ones) to marry, which would you choose. I'm having an awfully difficult time choosing between Colonel Brandon and Mr. Knightly. Both very gentlemanly and fantastically rich. Although maybe I would have to go for Mr. Knightly because he seems to have a more developed sense of humor.


Candice said...

But How could you not Choose Mr. Darcy? *sigh...The perfect victorian specimen.

Well, I'm in love with him anyways...Bingly while sweet is a little...loopy I think.

Hope you did well on your test!

Candice said...

Ps: I should also confess that I have only read Pride and Prejudice...

ellesappelle said...

Oh my goodness, music works the same way for me too - I have had several rather large obsessions with Abba, Johnny Cash, Split Enz, etc etc, and I never realised it may be because I was brought up on classical music! It's like a light has dawned in my brain.

I would probably marry Captain Wentworth, from Persuasion. Or Mr Tilney from Northanger Abbey. Actually I love them all, except, unlike you, I probably find the heroes of Sense and Sensibility slightly less attractive than the other books.