Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Magic Disney Ball 2

So, I've done some major work on my Magic Disney Ball. Unfortunately while doing all that major work, I've run into some massive problems. First, it took forever to cut through the ball. Then we found out that we had to cut through the liquid container. Who knew that this is what the magic eight ball looks like inside. I swear the magic eight ball company wants to keep people out. Well, too bad, because here are pictures for all to see. Look at how huge that die is. It has like 24 sides to it. How come I always get the same fortunes?

I made the die for my Disney ball with such fortunes as "The dream that you wish will come true," "Don't underestimate the importance of body language," and "Squeak Squeakity Squeakin." It made of wood though, so I'm trying to waterproof it. I bought sealant, but it didn't work on the first die and it was impossible to see the fortunes. So this time I'm painting it with clear nail polish in hopes that that will work better. I'll probably still put some sealant over that just in case. I'm also going to make the water inside the ball a light blue instead of dark blue. Then if it happens to get water in the die, you'll still be able to see the fortune.

Another problem I've had is making sure the cylinder with the die and colored water contains no air. I brought home a syringe from work that seems to work well. I can then fill it completely with no air bubbles and then screw the cap on. And hope for the best. After that, it should be smooth sailing. Just glue the two sides together and decorate the outside. That'll be the best part. I got this very fine sparkly powder in light blue, pink, and purple. And Disney princess stickers. So I'll paint the ball white and then decorate it with those, then mod podge the entire thing to seal it and make it glossy.

This is the plan. Hopefully it works out....

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