Friday, July 14, 2006

Magic Disney Ball

A few weeks ago I read a book called The Jane Austen Book Club which was surprisingly good. Especially if you love Jane Austen as I do. Anyway, in the book, one of the members converts this magic eight ball into a magic Jane Austen ball. Decorates the outside in Jane Austen theme and replaces all the fortunes with lines from Miss Austen's books. I thought it was such a wonderful idea that I am making a converted magic eight ball for my friend Samantha's birthday. I decided however to go with a Disney theme, since she is fairly obsessed with all things Disney. Today my mechanical engineering friend Danny is coming over with his hacksaw to help me get it apart, so hopefully all goes well!


ellesappelle said...

What a great idea! Although, I have to ask, what exactly is a magic eight ball?

JenKneeBee said...

A magic eight ball is a giant fake eight ball that has a small window where small (and usually very lame) fortunes appear. You can find them for about $6 in the game section. So lame, but still fun.