Monday, April 21, 2008

My Town Monday - Malls That are Probably way to big Edition

Wow, it seems like forever ago that I last posted anything. Last week was pretty busy and crazy leaving me no time to post. Any free time I had went to reading Trish Ryan's new book which was a fantastic read, demanding all of my attention until it was finished.

As most of you know, Minnesota is not the warmest of places in the winter. In the Twin Cities, roughly a fourth of the year is spent in below freezing temperatures. Great news for bundled ice skaters and hockey players, but terrible for the rest of us. Forget about going outside at all if there's wind chill involved. Luckily, Minnesota is home to a heart warming place called The Mall of America (AKA - The largest mall in America.)

Here are some fun facts about the MOA:

1) The mall is built where the Twins' and Vikings' Metropolitan Stadium was located. When the mall was constructed they commemorated the exact place where home plate was by putting a plaque there.

2) Only the entrances to the mall are heated, even in the winter. Because the overhead windows, light bulbs, and people create so much heat they actually have to air condition the mall year round. Crazy!

3) There are over 500 retail stores inside the mall and 32 of them are shoe stores. (Did you read that Heidi? 32 Shoe stores!)

4) The mall includes Nickelodeon Universe (the largest indoor amusement park in the US), an A.C.E.S flight simulation area, a LEGO store and play area (one of my favorite spots), a large 18 hole mini-golf course, an aquarium (they let you touch sharks), a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and an indoor stock car racing facility (you won't find me anywhere near there).

5) They are in the process of expanding the mall to include 400 more stores, 3 hotels, an ice rink, a dinner theatre, and a waterpark.

6) The mall gets over 40 million visitors a year making it the most visited mall in the world.

7) Apparently there is a chapel inside the mall somewhere and over 4200 couples have been married there. Why would anyone want to get married in a mall? Seriously? I can think of a million other places I'd rather be married. No offense to any blogging friends who got married in a mall.

I have to admit that as much fun as it can be to go wander aimlessly when I have enough money and time to do so, most of the time I hop on over to a smaller mall in The Cities. All the shoe shops, screaming amusement park kids, tourists, and random mall performers have a way of getting to you after a while. Still, I do like to do my Christmas shopping at the MOA because I find the best gifts hidden away in tiny one-of-a-kind stores. How could I not? They have everything at the Mall of America.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

All this one looks pretty spectacular, I really prefer the new outdoor malls. The lack of light inside always troubled me.
Even in Michigan, they are catching on.

Travis Erwin said...

The Mall of America is mentioned in my current novel in progress. I've never been there but I did do a good bit of research on the place. Though I missed the part about home plate, I might add that to the scene.

~Virginia~ said...

that lego store looks awesome! and i agree on the wedding thing...odd romantic location. :)

Barrie said...

I have never been to a mall like this. I would definitely like to visit it. Most of our malls here in Southern California are outdoor malls.

Trish Ryan said...

I have a bit of a shopping habit, so the mention of my book in the same post with this gigantic celebration of fun stuff to buy is a happy, happy thing. Thank you!

Clair Dickson said...

That's a pretty spectacular place-- for a mall. ;-) The LEGO store has my attention.

And the fact that they don't have to heat it is just wild! Too many people... is there ever an "off season" for the mall?

LEstes65 said...

I watched a documentary on that place. Blows my mind. I doubt I'll be getting married there. Unless I meet the future perfect God man there. Nah...even then. Nope.

Thanks for the tour!

The Anti-Wife said...

You had me at 32 shoe stores. Now that's heaven on earth.

WordVixen said...

Wow. Hubby and I have talked about going there for our anniversary. Yeah, it sounds weird, but hubby absolutely can't stand to relax, so the constant buzz is perfect for him. And I just want to see everything there is to see.

I'll have to send him your post so he can see the pictures. He definitely won't get bored there!

ellesappelle said...

Hmm yes, getting married at a mall... claaaaassy.

Still, something is attractive about a mall that size :)

Diane said...

I'm not a big shopper, but I find notion of The Mall of America interesting. Having so much in one area is something.