Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fictional Characters I Would Totally Make Out With

I found this list on Beck's blog and couldn't help stealing it even though we share a few favorites.

Ten Literary Characters I Would Totally Make Out With If I Were Single... Oh wait, I am:

1) Mr. Darcy - If Mr. Darcy wanted to make out with you, how could you possibly say no?

2) Logan - A throwback to my Babysitter's Club years. I was always so jealous of Mary Ann with her incredibly dreamy, southern boyfriend.

3) Laurie - Oh Laurie, if I had been in Jo's shoes I wouldn't have broken your heart.

4) Don Pedro - I've always found the Prince from Much Ado About Nothing mysteriously charming. Beatrice and Benedick make one of the best literary couples of all time, but you can't help feeling a little sad when she turns down Don Pedro.

5) Wesley - Strapping farm boy, dread pirate, enormous rodent slaying skills, fabulous wit and bravery, and that beautiful blond hair. Ummm... yeah.

6) Serius Black - The bad boy with a big heart and a giant motorcycle. And lots of experience (or so I assume) :)

7) Colonel Brandon - Colonel Branden is so romantic. My favorite part in the movie is when he leans in close to Margaret after she asks what the Indies are like and he says "the air is full of spices" with his rich, melodious voice. (Alan Rickman, if you're reading this, email me and let me know if you've ever thought about moving to Colorado.)

8) Gilbert Blythe -Doesn't everyone want a Gilbert of their own?

9) Henry from The Time Traveler's Wife - He's so screwed up yet so wonderful at the same time.

10) Mr. Knightly - My all time favorite Jane Austen hero!

I tag anyone who's ever had a crush on a fictional character :)


Beck said...

Oh, yeah. Everyone but 2. I never read the Babysitter's Club.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'm so doing this meme--I just have to think up ten. Great list, but you stole my Mr. Knightley. :)

And good call on Wesley--I'd forgotten about him.

LEstes65 said...

This is such a fun meme but all of my characters would leave you serious literary types scratching your heads. But I may have to take on the meme. Especially considering I will be legally single soon (I HOPE!).

PS - thanks for your wonderful comments on my site. They mean a TON.

Sarakastic said...

Logan mmmm I'd forgotten about him

Swishy said...

I loved Wesley! AND Gilbert Blythe! Ohhhh, I loved him.

ellesappelle said...

Hooray for tags! Great list.

~Virginia~ said...

Hee...I used to love the Babysitter's Club! Good 'ol Logan! :)