Friday, February 16, 2007

Hick's for Valentine's Day

On V-day, I was leaving the hospital after visiting a friend. As I was approaching the elevators, I saw two twentysomething men imitating jackie chan moves on each other. Both looked like they had just finished rolling around in the dirt as they seemed to be covered from head to toe in filth.

I tentatively made my way to the elevator button when the tall one said with a deep drawl, "Are ya goin' down?" I nodded my head yes while already dreading the ride down with these two hicks. He replied with enthusiasm, "Great, come with us!" Great...

I stepped into the elevator and positioned myself safely in the corner, hoping that they wouldn't start their karate moves again in the confines of the elevator. I have a bit of an elevator fear without them adding stress to the ride. To my great relief, they started up a conversation rather than continuing their martial arts.

The tall one exclaimed, "My ma just woke up!"

Surprised I replied, "Well... That's great!"

They then proceeded to tell me how their mother had had a stroke and they were in her room when she started to open her eyes just a little. The short one was holding her hand and said, "Ma, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand."

He then asked for my hand and then demonstrated her slight reaction. They told me that after she had fully woken up, she was able to move both feet, both hands, stick out her tongue, talk, and remember everything.

It was just a short elevator ride, but the "hick's" excitement was contagious and really made my V-day.

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Stacy said...

What a story! Definitely puts things in a new perspective.