Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Woot! Woot!

Woot! Woot! Haha, I just woot wooted. So lame. But I can't help it. I'm allowed to be lame and silly on such a great day. GObama! GObama! I wish I could show you the GObama dance my brother came up with to celebrate. Did I mention that awesome lameness is genetic?

Awesome lameness aside, I am of course ecstatic about Obama's victory tonight. Less ecstatic about my local races in Minnesota however. Things are up in the air with our senate race between Al Franklin, Norm Coleman, and Dean Barkley. I'm betting a recount will occur because the margin is so close between Franklin and Coleman. Also, my pick for house representative was bested by the amazingly awful Michele Bachman (of YouTube fame for proposing a media witch-hunt). That race makes me sick to my stomach.

Still, it was a good night for America and I'm extremely hopeful for the country. I truly believe and hope that Obama will reach out to Republicans and other country to work with them to get at solutions. I thought both McCain and Obama's speeches were just beautiful and I hope people will take their messages of unity to heart.


~Virginia~ said...

i'd "woot" too, but i'm too depressed. sigh.

Allie said...

Yay! I am so happy Obama won. I never allow myself to get my hopes up for other countries' elections given my absolute powerlessness in their results. And after the 2004 election... well, I was expecting a depressing conclusion.
I think I can say honestly that the rest of the world is buzzing with joy that America has finally elected someone like Obama. New Zealand is, at least. It does feel like a historic step and like you, my hopes are high that Obama can make a really positive mark on the world.

Diane said...

I'm very pleased too and more so that Colorado turned blue. Though, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop watching the results as I didn't expect it to be that easy and expected trouble with the tabulations and machines on a major scale.

I'm so proud of our country. Tuesday night was quite moving. I feel we opened a door and now, we all just have to walk through and find a way to work together to solve all these nasty problems.

I will dream of everyone getting along for at least a few more days and will believe that anything is possible. His election did all of that and more in my mind.

I agree with you and it's a shame that this side of Senator McCain didn't show until he conceded. Now if everyone would quite blaming Governor Palin.

I feel sorry for her and blaming her makes no sense. McCain picked her. If everyone is going to blame the pick on the loss--then, they need to blame him for the selection.

I heard today that President elect Obama also won North Carolina. An amazing pickup of states that most democrats never have a shot at.

Incognito_one said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.