Monday, December 17, 2007

The Sun Will Come Out....Today?

Last week was one full of snow and cold and I was really, really looking forward to seeing the sun today. The weatherman promised mostly sunny, but all I see is cloud cover, cloud cover, and some more cloud cover. Anyone know if there's a special sun dance I can learn? Because I'm going to go a little crazy if he doesn't poke his head through those clouds today.


Stacy said...

Clearly not enough individuals are doing the sun dance in Michigan right now either. Or the snow-go-away dance.

Kelley said... may NOT do the snow go away dance in Michigan. I will send a burly strapping man to shovel for dancing.

I know....I hate gray but today even though it's gray the is so much snow that it is very bright. Plus it's still mostly clean snow. Pretty.

Barrie said...

I think with the Internet, you could find instructions for a reliable sun dance. Then post them!

May it be sunny in your corner of the world today. :)

LEstes65 said...

We've got the cloud cover down/over here, too. But at least we don't have quite the cold temps you get there.

Thought of you the other day when I watched a commercial for Colorado. No, it's not for sale. You're safe. But they apparently want us all to visit you. That is one seriously gorgeous state you have there, missy!