Monday, January 08, 2007

Shoulda Been an English Major

Hey all...

I'm back in SLC and after spending Thursday and the entire weekend being abysmally and horrifyingly sick, I'm mostly well again. Looking for a job, trying to get all of my stuff together, and my life in order before moving away.

I took a "Find Your Major" Quiz for the hell of it to see (post-graduation) what I should have majored in. Thought it was quite entertaining to find that 3 of the top 4 majors were some of the only ones that I didn't actually try doing my first couple of years. And that's impressive, because I went through quite a few majors before settling on chemistry.

Here are the results:

1. English
2. Chemistry
3. Dance
4. Mathematics

English, dance, mathematics. Riigghhht.......


heidikins said...

You were sick?!? And you didn't call!?!?! And why on earth not?!? I would TOTALLY have brought soup and some're in trouble now missy!

Ben said...

Hey Jennie, I'm glad you're feelin better finally.

As for the career test all I can say is... wahoo Dance and Math!

Andrea Jolene said...

I always get some sort of ill at the end of semesters as well. The body/mind has finally had it :)BUT - I fully support English Majoring and the like :) Excellent excellent choice indeed. All the good ones are English Majors ;)